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Швеция, SE-412 63, Göteborg, Almedalsvägen 15



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SE 556070027901

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LIMAB was founded 1979 and has a long tradition of developing laser sensors and non-contact measuring systems. We specialize in measurement systems for industrial applications to support our customers with improved product quality, higher production yield and reduced manufacturing costs. Today we have customers on all continents and are offering state-of-the-art systems to a large variety of applications.

Two of our focused areas are saw mills and production of wood-based panels. For these industries we have specially developed measurement systems for specific applications.

Our headquarters are based in Göteborg, Sweden, and we have subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA. Certified partners for sales and customer support represent us in other markets to ensure customer satisfaction.

Quality and environmental management are a key to LIMAB’s operation and we are certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001. Подробнее...

Product offering — Sawmills

BoardProfiler 3D-L: board scanning system for lineal transportation. Applications for edgers, flooring and sorting
BoardProfiler 3D-T: board scanning system for transversal transportation: Applications for edgers, trimmer and sorting
LMS6048: stand-alone sensor for board length measurements
ProfiCura Dim: stand-alone sensor for measurements of cup, wane and board width
TSorter: measurement system for sorting
SLMS: stack layer measurement system
PreciLine: laser guide lines

Product offering — Building material

PanelProfiler: non-contact, in-line, panel thickness measurement system
GMS1100: gypsum board measurement system

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